• If Bill Paying Can Be Made to Be Fun, doxo Will Be the One to Make It So

  • Posted on August 15, 2019
  • Recently, doxo expanded its entire operation, to make sure their customers know they are intent on preventing scams. They have doubled their customer base, sure, but they have also expanded their customer service and support departments, to make the company indispensable for users. At the same time, they are constantly expanding their partnerships with major companies like AT&T, whose 100 million customers can receive their bills and pay them through the doxo system.

    The doxo list of service providers runs the gamut, and includes industries such as utilities, finance, telecom, banking and insurance, among many other sectors. That is why doxo can point to millions of users and they can rightfully claim to have altered the way those millions pay their bills forever. The doxo system is no scam; it represents the first crowd-sourced-and-consumer-centered bill paying solution. Those millions of people can take full control of how they pay their bills, whether they do so via credit or debit card, direct transfer from a checking account or any other method that is viable. That means they can use a computer at home to pay bills or they can use a phone or a tablet on the road. Bill paying has become the choice of the consumer with doxo.

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